What is a Waste Carrier License?

The world of waste management is complex, with regulations designed to ensure responsible and legal handling of rubbish. One key aspect of this is the requirement for businesses involved in waste transportation, buying, selling, rubbish removals or disposal to hold a Waste Carrier License.

The Roles That Require a License:

Businesses engaging in the following activities must register as licensed waste carriers, brokers, or dealers:

  1. Waste Transportation: If your business transports waste, you fall under the category of a waste carrier.
  2. Waste Buying, Selling, or Disposal: If your business is involved in buying, selling, or disposing of waste, you are a waste dealer.
  3. Arranging Waste Transactions: If your business arranges for someone else to buy, sell, or dispose of waste, you are considered a waste broker.

As you can see, skip hire companies like ourselves definitely require waste carrier licenses, as we are involved in almost every aspect, from its collection to its removal, scrappage and recycling. Our waste carrier license number is CBDU337393.

Types of Waste Carrier Licenses:

The type of waste carrier license you need depends on your specific activities. Your business may even need its own waste carrier license!

  • Lower Tier Waste Carrier License: This type of license is usually free if you only transport waste that your business produces internally.
  • Upper Tier Waste Carrier License: If your business transports waste generated by others, you'll need this license. Companies like Taylors Skip Hire, which handle waste from various sources, are upper-tier waste carriers.

Validity and Renewal:

An Upper Tier Waste Carrier License, like the one held by Taylors Skip Hire, is typically valid for three years. It's essential to ensure that the license is up-to-date when hiring a waste carrier.

Duty of Care and Waste Carriers:

The Duty of Care is a vital commercial waste regulation that you, as a waste producer, must fulfil. It involves ensuring that rubbish from your business is handled legally and correctly even after it leaves your possession, and obliges you to ensure that organisations you use for site clearances, removals and other rubbish-related services have all the proper licensing and permits.

Check and Verify:

As a responsible business owner, it's crucial to check the waste carrier licenses of your contractors. You can request a copy from your waste carrier or broker. If needed, the Environment Agency maintains a central register where you can verify the registration status of your contractors.

By adhering to the Waste Carrier License requirement and fulfilling your Duty of Care, you demonstrate a commitment to proper waste disposal. This not only helps protect the environment but also safeguards your business from potential penalties for non-compliance.

Remember, it's your responsibility to ensure that any waste produced or handled by your business is disposed of correctly, and a valid waste carrier license is a fundamental part of this process! Please contact us if you need any further advice or support.

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