How to Protect a Driveway from a Skip

At Taylors Skip Hire, we understand that your property's care is as important as efficiently managing waste. When placing a skip on your driveway, particularly on driveways made with soft tarmac or block paving, there is potential for damage. But don't worry - with the right precautions, you can easily protect your driveway.

Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Driveway for Skip Hire

One effective method to prevent damage is by using scaffolding planks or large pieces of wood. These create a protective layer between the skip and your driveway, distributing the weight and reducing pressure points. This method is straightforward yet highly effective in preserving the integrity of your driveway surface.

It's important to remember that skip lorries are heavy vehicles, especially when loaded with a full skip. When they collect your filled skip, the weight is significantly more. Skip lorries use stabilisers during the loading process. While these are essential for safety, the metal legs exert substantial pressure on the ground beneath. This pressure can potentially dent soft tarmac or break paving stones, so consider where you might site the skip to reduce the need for the collection lorry to drive on your property.

If you have concerns about your driveway, it's always best to speak to us first. We offer expert advice and tailored solutions for your skip hire needs. We can suggest the best practices for protecting your driveway based on the type of skip and the surface you have.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing skips. We ensure every aspect of our service, from site clearance to rubbish removal, is conducted with utmost respect for your property. We aim to make your waste removal process as convenient and worry-free as possible.

By choosing Taylors Skip Hire, you're getting a partner who cares about the finer details. Protecting your driveway is just one of the many ways we ensure our services meet and exceed your expectations. Let us help you manage your waste without compromising the care of your property.

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