How to Choose the Right Skip

At Taylor's Skip Hire we've amassed a vast amount of experience of working with all kinds of customers in order to help them complete every kind of job and project imaginable. This means that over the years we've become experts at helping potential clients just like you to select the exact type of skip you require for whatever it is you're working on. Whether you work in an industry which always requires skips, or if you've never needed to hire a skip before, our friendly team has plenty of advice and tips that they can offer to help you make the right choice every time.

Based in Redhill, we deliver our skips to much of the surrounding area. Whether you're in Reigate, Dorking, Horley, Caterham, Crawley or anywhere else in the region, we are ready all week long to deliver exactly the right skip to you.

We know that skips are hardly the most glamorous or interesting part of any construction or renovation project, so why not let us take care of everything? This will free up you and your team's time to focus on the other work you need completed to finish whatever you're planning on time and on budget. Simply let us know the details of what you're working on and we'll give our professional opinion on what is going to be best for you. It's an option that many project managers across our delivery region now take advantage of, because they know through our excellent word-of-mouth reputation that we always provide the reliability and honesty that you look for when working with tradespeople.

It doesn't matter whether you need a skip for months or even just an afternoon, because we have a variety of hire length times for you to choose from. What's more, if you're unsure which is best for you, we are always happy to talk about what you're doing and advise which is likely to be the perfect option for you.

What do you require your skip for?

Site clearance

Whether you're clearing a space for site clearances, a building project, removing trees or other vegetation, or even clearing a derelict factory, we have the perfect skip for you.

No matter how large or challenging your issue may be, chances are we've tackled something very similar in the past. The best way for us to advise you on how to choose the correct skip for your needs is for you to contact us at Taylors Skip Hire directly. We're available either via email or over the phone, and we pride ourselves on getting back to customers very quickly. This means that in no time at all we'll have you matched up with the skip you need, and you can begin getting that site looking back to its best.

Rubbish removals

It's an unfortunate fact that fly tipping continues to be an issue, and if waste that is dumped isn't removed quickly it creates a space that is both unsightly and unsafe. If you're having a
problem with fly tippers, let us take care of getting your street getting back to normal with our rubbish removal service. Our skips can handle all kinds of rubbish and other debris, and our team all undergo special training to make them as knowledgeable as possible about how to handle whatever needs to be removed safely.

You can be certain that anything we have to dispose of will be done as ethically as possible, and that our skips are available for rates that are simply unmatchable for the same standard of service you'll receive here at Taylors Skip Hire.

House renovations

Whether you've just bought a new property or if you're just giving the old place a spring clean, renovating a house can be a very messy job if you don't prepare correctly. Even in smaller houses you'll quickly find you amass far more rubbish you need to get rid of than you had originally planned, and that's where a skip really comes into its own. Other methods such as using bin liners just cannot compare to knowing you've got a high-quality skip constantly on-hand to take care of everything you no longer need as you craft the property of your dreams.

What's more, when you hire a skip you know that once your renovation is completed, we'll be along when you specify to take that rubbish, debris and anything else away to be either recycled or disposed of as safely as possible. This will get that rubbish off your mind and give you plenty of time to get on with the other more important and fun aspects of renovating a house into a home.

Kind to the environment

Whatever skip you decide is best for you, it's always important to ensure that you're hiring from a company who takes their environmental obligations very seriously. At A. Taylor's we always do everything we can to be as green as possible, no matter what you're disposing of. We've implemented a variety of measures to make the process of removing rubbish as kind to the planet as possible, and this includes us having a fleet of vehicles which have been specifically chosen for being eco-friendly and conforming to all current Low Emission Zones.

We know that the process of using a skip can involve the disposal of some pretty hazardous materials, and when this is the case, we will always employ all necessary safety procedures. Our staff are fully trained on how to all kinds dispose of waste, and you can be confident that we will never do anything that will harm the environment.

So, what is the best way to choose the right skip? Well, the first step anyone should take is to drop us a line directly here at A. Taylor's Skip Hire. Once you've used us once you'll see why we have such a good working relationship with so many clients across the Surrey region. Our reliability and competence can't be found anywhere else, so if you're looking for a skip hire contact us now.

Choosing the Right Skip - Mini, Midi, Maxi and More
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