A Step By Step Guide to Garden Clearances

Clearing your garden or outdoor space can rejuvenate your property, but it often involves handling a variety of waste types. Whether you're landscaping, clearing out sheds, or just doing a general tidy-up, Taylors Skip Hire can assist in making the process efficient and environmentally friendly. Here's a guide to help you manage your garden and outdoor space clearance effectively.

  • Assess the Area: Take stock of the garden or outdoor space to understand the extent of clearance needed.
  • Identify Waste Types: Separate organic waste (like branches and leaves) from non-organic (like old garden furniture or broken tools).
  • Choose an Appropriate Skip Size: Depending on the volume of waste, choose from our range of skip sizes. For smaller clearances, a mini skip might suffice, while larger projects may require midi or builders skips.
  • Composting: Consider composting biodegradable waste like grass cuttings and leaves.
  • Recycling Green Waste: We can help recycle green waste, turning it into compost or other eco-friendly materials.
  • Dismantling and Removal: For larger structures like sheds or greenhouses, dismantle them safely for easier removal. Our rubbish removal service can assist with larger items.
  • Recycling and Responsible Disposal: We ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled. Visit our recycling page for more details on our eco-friendly practices.
  • Handle Waste Carefully: Be mindful of sharp objects or hazardous materials. Wear appropriate protective gear during the clearance.
  • Review the Cleared Space: After clearance, do a final walk-through to ensure all waste is removed.
  • Tidy Up: Ensure the space is left tidy and safe.
  • Plan for Ongoing Maintenance: Regular maintenance can prevent future overaccumulation of garden waste.

Garden and outdoor space clearance can significantly enhance your property's aesthetic and usability. With Taylors Skip Hire, you get the support needed for a smooth and eco-friendly clearance process. From selecting the right skip to disposing of waste responsibly, we're here to help you every step of the way. Contact us to get started!

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